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Everything You Need To Know

General Info

Date: Saturday 7th Septmeber 2024.

Time: 2pm - 1am.

Dress Code:  Outrageous, if you've always wanted to wear that OTT suit/dress/jumpsuit/unitard now is the time - the bolder the better. But really, anything goes, as long as you feel comfortable. 

Venue: Project House Leeds.

Parking: Parking is limited so even if you aren't drinking we would say get an uber/taxi, the venue is v close to the city centre so most Leeds locations will be an affordable taxi ride away.

Train: A 20 minute walk away or 5 minutes in a taxi.

Children: It is a child-free wedding apart from immediate family, however babes in arms are welcome. There will be a quiet, dark room for parents to use. This being said if anyone struggles to get childcare please speak to us. 

RSVP: you need to click the link on the main page (where you just came from) which will take you through a RSVP form.

For out of town friends:

We have booked out a brunch spot on the Sunday to see you off before your journey home, you are in-formally invited to come along before you head off. It's at Galleria (the restaurant next to the venue) at 10:30, it is the best brunch in the city. The RSVP for this is on the RSVP form. 

Useful info: in the spirit of avoiding hanger, we advise you to eat a proper meal sometime before you come to the ceremony. The wedding "breakfast" will be more like early tea and there will be evening food from Little Bao Boy too. 


Where to Stay


Leeds is a great place but like any city it has nice, not so nice areas:


  • City Centre 

  • The Calls

  • Clarence Docks

  • Blenheim Terrace

Suburban (<15 min drive)

  • Headingley

  • Far Headingley

  • Meanwood

  • Roundhay

  • Oakwood

  • Chapel Allerton

  • Horsforth 

Budget but fine:

  • Burley

  • Kirkstall

  • Woodhouse

  • Hyde Park

  • Bramley

Further Away:

These places you can get to Leeds by train and are mega lush, if you wanna make a little break of it:

  • Saltaire

  • Otley

  • Ilkley

  • Harrogate

  • York

What to Bring


There is nothing physical that we want or need, but if you would like to gift us money to put in our adventure pot we would be really, really grateful. Our adventure pot will pay for us to explore the world, do fun things and get away with our girls. 

You can do cash, cheque, transfer or paypal but PLEASE give us a card and let us know so that we can thank you. 

We want to emphasise if you are struggling financially we do not expect a gift, the last thing we want is to add to that stress. 

What to bring:

We are, unsurprisingly, having a spiritual service led by our close friend and Juno's Godmother - the magical Frances Hansom. To make the magic happen we would like you to bring:

  • a packet of seeds to grow in our garden, inside the packet add a note for us to plant with the seeds. Write on the note your wishes for our lives together. No curses please. 

  • something from your garden, or a place special to you to throw instead of confetti. The more colourful the better. 

  • something noisy to bash, or blow, or play as we walk back down the aisle. 


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