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This monthly online + on demand workshop is designed for people who struggle with mental and/or physical fatigue although anyone is welcome. It would be particularly nice to incorporate around your period, if you bleed. 


If you book the session before it is recorded, it will be sent to you the evening of the recording which for June is Tuesday 3rd June, otherwise it will be ready to download immediately. 


The session aims to ease the aches and pains which often come hand in hand with limited mobility and living with any condition which creates fatigue and soothes the nervous system to gently calm the mind.


One of the biggest challenges I face in accessing wellness is finding a class which aligns at the same time as I feel able. With this in mind, I will record the class on the day listed and then make it available on-demand for one week for you to access when you can. I hope this enables you to work the session around your own energy.


What to Expect:This is a 90 minute session, the beauty of it being on demand is that you can do sections at a time should 90 minutes be too muhc in one go.


- Opening sequence: connecting to the breath and body

- Neck, shoulder, jaw, wrists and upper back mobility (seated)

- Vocal / visual chakra meditation and self healing (seated)

- Hips, pelvis, lower back + body mobility (lieing on your back/front)

- Yin postures for the nervous system (lieing)

- Body scan + Restorative yoga (supported postures lying down)

- Savasana


How to prepare: Set your space up for comfort and safety, whatever that means to you - with whatever energy you have. You will need a couple of yoga mats or a comfy space to lie/sit - from your bed is fine, and some cushions and a blanket. The session can be done from a bed or the floor.


If available to you I also recommend:

- Scent: aromatherapy/ a candle/ incense /room mist

- Visual: set your space up away from your desk in a place you find relaxing, you could place some meaningful/empowering things around you i.e prints, crystals, photos-

- Pillows, bolsters, hardback books, cushions + blankets: to use as props to support you in the restorative practice

- water/herbal tea

- relaxing music, I will share my playlist but you can also choose your own I hope you will join me for what will be 90 minutes entirely dedicated to helping you ease the effects of fatigue in a space I hope you feel heard, understood and held.

A Moment For Fatigue | Yoga | June 24

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