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Mission Statement

Empowering women and children, redefining wellness. Our community-focused company aims to make alternative health accessible to all, ensuring every woman feels empowered and included in our space. We have a particular focus on inclusion within the LGBT+ community, yoga for big bodies, women with ADHD/Autism and those struggling with the effects of mental illness, chronic fatigue and pain. 



At The Pink School we are so passionate about providing support for mums as they transition into motherhood.

Throughout the week we hold space for countless mums and children - fostering a supportive community and educating on the importance of mental and physical wellbeing. 

Our weekly Mum and Baby Circle is the alternative health answer to baby classes, a 90 minute safe haven for mums to come and slowdown, reset and make connections. 

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We work with charities, the NHS, community organisations and childcare settings to offer restorative events and self-care education.

With absolutely everything we do we put inclusivity and accessibility at the heart. All our sessions are focussed on benefitting the mind and soothing the nervous system. 

By working with us your people will feel more grounded, restored and valued. 

Our children's yoga classes have a focus on teaching emotional intelligence and foundation self-regulation skills through story and movement. 

Fully DBS checked and insured. 



Carefully crafted, inclusive + restorative events to soothe the nervous system and empower women and non-binary folk. 


We run the most beautiful, restorative events, workshops and retreats. Weekly online and on-demand sessions based around healing and accessibility and monthly in-person  workshops. We always have a pay what you can option to help make wellness accessible to those struggling financially. 

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Professional mastercasses to level up your therapeutic offering. 

We educate on the sorts of things they don't always teach you in your practitioner training and take years to develop.


Things like inclusivity and accessibility within wellness, how to build rapport, how to modify your teaching for different bodies, setting boundaries, adding grounding techniques and cleansing your space. The list goes on. 

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