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5 Tips to Starting a Successful Wellness Business.

So you have the training, now what? It can seem pretty daunting to finish your qualification and step into the world as a practitioner. In my experience, there is sometimes a very big difference between being a fantastic practitioner and a successful business, depending on how you define success. I would bet a good few of the wellness practitioners you admire find it hard to make enough money after room rent and all our other outgoings. So what are my top tips? Below I touch on 5 of my faves, but I cover much more in my masterclasses.


Don't undercharge, know your value and charge it. If you don't you will end up resenting your clients, your work will be unsustainable and you will be undermining the industry in which you work. How much do other therapists in your area charge? There are plenty of things you can add to your sessions to make them more valuable if you have some self doubt, but in my eyes as long as you have a good qualifications, good case study experience and feedback and have set yourself up in a suitable environment with all the necessary bits - you're good to go.


A decent business plan will take you very far. Do some market research, get a feel for what other people are offering and where, understand the area you want to work from and ensure it is the right demographic - how will you reach those people? How much will you need to pay for room rent, how many clients will it take to cover your costs? What are your costs? The list goes on, there are plenty of business plan guides online you can use or I cover this in my masterclasses.


It can be a lonely old world as a solo practitioner, you can learn a lot and have a load of support if you make connections with other practitioners. My daughters god mother is another energy healer I met while making wellness connections - I have learned so much from her and we have held each others hands through all the hard stuff the wellness world has thrown our way. There is enough success out there for all of us, so champion each other and the universe will thank you.


Don't under estimate the power of marketing AND the power of creating a brand which represents YOU. In my opinion this is the hardest aspect of being a wellness practitioner, marketing yourself. There is a fine line between being too sales-like and pushy and being too passive, if you can nail the middle ground then you are winning and you will be able to retain clients and find new ones.


The most important aspect of being a success, just be you. You could be the best massage therapist in the world but if you are a tw*t no-one will rebook. What makes people come back - is you. You are enough, and you will find your people and also plenty of people who weren't meant for you - and that is cool.

I have touched on these top 5 tips, but I have so much more to teach you. If you are recently qualified and want some invaluable advice as you set out into the world of wellness, check out the different masterclasses I offer coming soon.

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