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Charlotte | Tarot + Cosmic Guidance | Birth Charts

Cosmic Guide

Charlotte (She/Her) is an Intuitive Tarot and Birth Chart reader; she is also trained in Holistic
therapies and to Master level within her Reiki practice which provides her with lifelong learning of
the practice.
Charlotte has worked with the Tarot for many years and finds the cards a great source of grounding
and clarity which have helped her to navigate some of the most difficult times in her life.
Got a question for the cards? Using her intuitive inner voice Charlotte calmly guides you through
your reading in a compassionate and self-empowering way, providing you with a clearer
understanding and realistic action prompts to help bring you back into balance.
Charlotte also provides Birth Chart readings which she describes as ‘As way to come back to your
true self. So often we assume things for ourselves or take on traits other may have said we have. A
birth chart reading provides you with clarity on what makes you you, how to understand and work
with this rather than how you think you should be. Getting to know my own birth chart has been
really liberating and has given me the confidence to accept myself as I am and trust my instincts. A
birth chart for me is like story telling for the self and how everything fits and works together.
Charlotte enjoys writing and reading poetry, illustration, being in her garden and working with the
Moon. In addition, she also provides a Monthly Moon forecast for the online community Life
Aligned. Always learning she is currently completing a herbal tea making course and hopes to other
bespoke teas in the future.

Charlotte | Tarot + Cosmic Guidance | Birth Charts
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