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Frances @hansom_healing

Energetic and Spiritual Healer

From Frances:
Hi, my name is Frances and I am an energy and spiritual healer from Leeds who is also a lifetime student of my craft. My life has been enhanced by fully embracing the dynamic way that I experience the energy that is all around and within us and this Earth. The development of this relationship has led me down many paths of learning and wisdom seeking which I use to enhance and enrich the healing sessions that I offer to my clients.

I use my own lived experience of being a survivor of serious illness and trauma to approach my work with compassion and acceptance. This compassion born from knowing is also backed up by my training as a Mental Health First Aider which allows me to walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

My Usui Reiki training began in 2011, and since then I have worked diligently and slowly to become a Reiki Master Teacher and build up my knowledge of this extraordinary ancient energetic healing system. In addition to practicing and teaching traditional Usui Reiki healing, I am an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher which allows me to work with the energy of Ascended Angelic energies and Master Guides for powerful and transformative healing.

I also work with a unique form of elemental Reiki called Tera Mai™ & Seichem which harnesses the power of Divine Earth and the elements in sessions to ground and anchor. This truly transformative form of work also focuses on energetic extraction, clearing, cord cutting, past-life healing, oversoul communication and void filling with ascended rays of energy to assist in the process of bringing about seismic life changes.

I take a holistic and bespoke approach to how I treat each person by taking into account other environmental factors (e.g stress, grief or illness) and use this to help form the sessions.

Frances @hansom_healing
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