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Jess @snoozeandjoy

Trainee Reflexologist + Massage Therapy

Jess (she/her) is a Holistic Therapist in training. She is already a highly qualified massage therapist having trained at the NHS Natural Health School in Harrogate. She is currently finishing her Ayurvedic Massage Training and reflexology training and looks forward to being able to offer them as a trainee at The Pink Room. Jess is passionate about making holistic therapy accessible to minority groups and has taken part in the The Pink Room trans inclusivity training.

Every therapist has their own style, Jess focus’ on the present moment, she centers her practice around how clients are feeling right now and works with that to provide relaxation with the aim to begin the process of healing. Like all The Pink Room practitioners she is incredibly intuitive, empathetic and a true healer.

Jess loves being in nature, having adventures and rollerskating with her 3 year old.

Jess @snoozeandjoy
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