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the pinks school logo orange letters in a jumbled style that read "the pink school alternative therapeutic education"

We've Evolved

You may have known us as The Pink Room



We are The Pink School. We are passionate about teaching self-care and alternative wellness practices in a non-ableist and inclusive way. We lead masterclasses and courses for wellness professionals, run restorative events for private clients and the community and teach little un's their very first self-care tools. 

Our public events are curated to be spaces for women and queer people to feel empowered, heard and nurtured - although we host wellbeing events for all genders in our community work, our public work is focussed on creating safe environments for women and non-binary folk who often feel un-safe, under-valued or un-heard within the wellness industry.

Life is tough, and messy - we all deserve to have a tool box cram packed with ways to facilitate our own healing.  

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